Founded in 1970, Kaori’s goal is the pursuit of modernization of heat-treating technology. Our staff has made every effort to improve on hardware and software research and development, and acquire the latest technology. The JIS marking and certificate from McDonnell Douglas were awarded to Kaori in 1988 and 1994, respectively, for Kaori’s outstanding quality and performance. Kaori continues to grow in the areas of financial assets, labor force, and experiences in the heat treatment field.

Based on Kaori heat-treating and brazing experience, in 1992, Kaori began to manufacture Sendzimir work rolls and industrial brazed plate heat exchangers. Again, Kaori was awarded the certificate of qualification for ISO9001:2000, UL and CE, thus providing Kaori’s capability in manufacturing and management. By combining the available technologies, Kaori plan to step into the thermal management industry and clean room assembly parts.

Kaori continue to focus on the manufacturing of plate heat exchangers and related components. With production plants in Taiwan and China, Kaori are well equipped to deliver outstanding products and services to meet the on-going global demand.