Enclosure GB-01S

Enclosure GB-01S It allows you to install the Ri and Evolution controllers in the following situations: - Wall mounting type (surface); - Din rail or screw fixing; - Built in the panel with screw fixing. Connection types: - X System; - Conduit. *It allows you to use 2 auxiliary switches

Dimensions: 140x89,6x98,28 mm

Extension Frame ME-01

Extension Frame ME-01 For installation of instruments Ri and Evolution line in in varied situations, since it eliminates precision cut to embed the instrument. With a modern visual is made fixation using screws that are hidden *. The Extension Frame allows customization via a sticker with the brand and the company contact, and accompany two 10A (250 Vac) switches that can trigger internal light, air curtain, on / off system or fan. * Screws with the product. Includes two switches turns on / off. Image for illustration only (product not included).


E-Case Protective case for Evolution line controllers, prevents against water and moisture in the controller's terminals.


EasyProg The revolutionary Full Gauge EasyProg allows storage of nine individual programmings. It can copy the information from a standard controller and then download it to other controllers without the need for connecting it to a PC. It can also be connected to the PC through a USB port and change the parameters using Sitrad ’s Preset Editor. The communication with the instruments has a RS-485 port and a Serial TTL port. Portable, works with no batteries. * See the controller's manual to check if it is compatible with EasyProg before connecting them.

Dimensions: 45 x 87 x 15 mm

EasyProg - Full Gauge Controls - Watch the video  

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