Disc Thermostat: Type EKA

EKA-113 Series EKA: ½” Disc Thermostat
EKA series is a compact design, auto and manual thermostat for controlling or limiting temperature changes. The switch mechanism is actuated by a snap-action bimetal disc, which opens and closes a set of electrical contacts when predetermined temperature is reached. The bimetal disc is electrically and thermally isolated from the switch. Different mounting configurations are available for maximum design flexibility: surface mount, air-stream and duct mounts. Used in boilers, heaters, vacuum cleaners, stoves, dryers, dishwashers and air conditioners.
Temperature range: -30C to 170C (-22F to 338F)
Contact rating: SPST contact with 16A@120/240VAC

Disc Thermostat: Type EKB

EKB-0017 Series EKB: 3⁄4” Disc Thermostat
The sealed design of EKB provides moisture resistance for high humidity environments. Automatic reset for high and low temperature applications and manual reset for high limit temperature. The switch opens or closes its electric contacts on temperature rise. Surface and tube mounting options with a wide variety of terminals, lead wires and mounting options provide excellent design flexibility. Used in refrigerators, air conditioners, Ice makers freezers, as well as defrost termination and fan delay control.
Temperature range: -30C to 80C (-22F to 176F)
Contact rating: SPST and SPDT with 5A to 25A@ 120/240VAC

Disc Thermostat: Type EKC

EKC-001 Series EKC: 3⁄4” Disc Thermostat (High Temperature)
EKC is designed for heavy electric load, with a variety mounting flanges and terminal configurations. The snap action of the bimetal disc provides high speed contact separation ensuring long contact life cycle and eliminating contact chattering. EKC-0200 series is a narrow differential, adjustable temperature controls for applications where field adjustment is required such as electric water heaters. Widely used in HVACR equipment, vending machines, dryer and heaters.
Temperature range: -30 to 170C (-22F to 338F)
Contact rating: SPST and SPDT with up to 35A@120/240VAC


EKC-202 Electric Water Heater Thermostats and Limits. Surface Mount Temperature Sensing Controls

EKD Series (Thermostats w/ auxiliary switch)

ekd Temperature control with S.P.S.T. switchand auxiliary switch for off position. Automatic defrost function by constant cut-in valueTerminal 3-4 closes at temperature rise
Terminal 3-6 opens in OFF positionRating At 250 V 50 Hz
3-4: 6(6)A
3-6: 6(6)A

EWD Series (Constant Cut-In Thermostat)

EWDF-Capillary Terminal C-L cut-in at temperature rise. Terminal L-H of auxiliary switch cut-out when the shaft turned to OFF point. Terminal C-L can be cut-out at OFF point, and can be forced ON at ON point. The ON temperature is constant at any position from Warm to Cold, the OFF temperature is adjustable. This behavior assure an automatic defrost function. The WD-R series with an internal bellows heating resistance connected to C-L, is able to be used at cross-ambient in a refrigerator.
Constant cut-in temp, range: +2~+8°C
Available OFF temp, range: -36—4°C
Adjustable temp, range: Max.l9°C
Differential: Min.8°C

EWK Series (High Current Thermostat)

ewk With a high current capability switch of SPST or SPDT. There is a narrow differential and a forced OFF function. This kind of thermostats can be used in direct current (DC) with inductive loads. WK-B and WK-C series with bottom outlet terminals are available. Thermostats with a fix operating temperature(without a shaft) for air conditioner defrosting are also availabe.
Available temp, range: -35~+40°C
Adjustable temp, range: Max.20°C
Differential: Min.2°C

EWP Series (General Purpose Thermostat)

EWP-Capillary Terminal C-L Cut-in at temperature rise. With SPST or SPOT, and an additional auxiliary switch. There are forced OFF and/or PD points. Type WP-T with two-spring mechanism is a wide differential range.
Available temperature range: -36~+15°C
Adjusting temperature range Max.25°C
Differential: WP(5~14°C) 5-25 °C WP-T (10-25 °C)

EKP Series (Temperature Control w/ Coil Sensor)

EKP-Capillary Terminal 3-4 closes at temperature rise
In general type KP is classified into 2 basic versions:
Version A: KP with standard switching differential
Version B: KP with wide switching differential
Rating at 250 V 50 Hz
3-4: 6(6)A

EKX Series (Thermostats w/ alarm temp. switch)

ekx Temperature control with S.P.S.T. switch and signal switch. Terminal 3-4 closes at temperature rise Terminal 3-6 closes when warning temperature has been reachedRating At 250 V 50 Hz
3-4: 6(6)A
3-6: 0.1A

EWD-E Series (Thermostats for explosion area)

ewd_e Constant cut-in thermostats for explosive area. This is a special designed type with SPST switch plus an aux switch. It is an “n” type apparatus in accordance with the standard IEC79-15. It can prevent the possible explosion when the switch body is located in the explosive gas mixed air. Ex approval of China was obtained and VDE Ex test was past. Maybe with an internal bellows heating resistance connected to C-L terminal to enable to be used at cross ambient in a refrigerator.

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